Leasing in Joseph Jordon Survey/Anderson County

Three years ago I leased my mineral rights to some land West of Palestine in the Joseph Jordon Survey. Does anyone know if anyone is renewing those leases at this time?

Who did you lease to?

Triad Land Services out of Tyler.

Thanks - definitely a brokerage firm working for an operator / probably EOG. After drilling a couple of deep wells in Anderson Co as well as a horizontal well in Smith Co, EOG gave up on the area and sold out of the play a couple of years ago. Not much else happening in the area you describe so I doubt if leases will be renewed right now.

Many thanks!!!

Triad was leasing for Southwestern. They wrote about 500 leases in Anderson County during the last six months of 2014. They put the leases up for sale last month on EnergyNet.com, but I doubt they had any buyers.