Leasing in Houston/Walker counties


I inherited some mineral rights in Houston & Walker counties when my father passed away. The lease is now up and I am trying to figure out if the terms were fair. The Houston county rights I own is 30 acres on the W.B. Smith survey, A-952, and the Walker county rights I own is 160 acres on the John Callahan survey, A-127. From what I can get from the previous lease, the lessee didn't pay any money per acre, just a lease bonus. I am hoping that somebody can tell me how to find out if this is fair and where to find out any info on companies exploring in this area and if there is in activity as well. Also, the lease has been up for over 6 months and the lessee has not contacted me to renew. Are they just not interested anymore or do they just wait till I call to make me an offer. I am all very new to this so I would appreciate any help!


Usually an O&G company will contact you if they are interested in leasing your acreage. The previous lease was probably leased on a per acre bonus basis, but Texas is a non-disclosure state which means that they didn't have to state what was paid on the lease, but only that a consideration was paid.

I have no clue what the activity around Houston and Walker Counties is. The railroad commission website would be a great place to start.