Leasing in Grant County, Okla

Has anyone received any lease offers for Section 6, Township 26N, Range 8W in Grant Co., Okla.?

We've got the S/2 of 27-25-3 in Grant County, Oklahoma, but the leasing attempts suddenly stopped last Fall. We were told the Company's had already signed more 'cheap' leases than they could drill within the primary terms (generally 3 years), so Lessee/Producers were in a hold pattern on new leases. Also have read there may be water issues from the huge requirements of the frac process.

Jeanne 6-26n-8w was forced pooled on June 19,2012 and before that on April 12,2012.

Jeanne Sandridge has a well in 6-26n-8w . First production was is June 2012.