Leasing in Blk 8, H&GN RR Co Surv

Has anyone leased any minerals in Block 8, H&GN RR Co Surv lately? I was curious what companies were offering per acre on the lease bonus payment & who was leasing in this area?

In the last 6 months there have been nearly 200 leases or memo of leases recorded for Block 8 H&GN Survey. Of these many are State of Texas (25% / $350 per acre, except for Section 28 where it was $2250/acre). In most cases Parker and Parsley is the lessee. I note on the attached spreadsheet that Jagged Peak Energy has leased some properties at 25% and $400/acre. You could also contact the lessors directly on the spreadsheet. Some may share their details.

764-PecosCountyBlock8leasingactivity.xlsx (28 KB)

Correction to the above. Not Parker and Parsley, but Parsley Energy LP in Midland.

Thank you very much, Donald. I knew that Parsley had a huge drilling program slated for this area, that follows the River on the south side, and also along the west of Block 8. Did you create this spreadsheet? Where do you get your data? Thanks again.

I subscribe to DrillingInfo, and that's where I obtained the leasing data.

Thank you again! I'll look into it!