Leasing in 143N, 94W, Sec18, anyone aware of status of this area?

We are trying to lease our mineral rights in this area.... anyone aware if there is interest in this area? rates per acres? companies that might be leasing acreage here?

Amy, the wells near you all look good, not monster wells but good. Hess, OXY USA and Slawson seem to be the three closest operators to you, Hess is in the spacing just north of yours. Amy, I have no current information on the lease rates, but I would not accept less than $1,000 per acre with 20% royalty if it were mine. I would not hesitate to ask for more in the beginning so you have room to negotiate, but you probably already know that. I would not lease for longer than 3 years with no option to extend. I wish you the best of luck.