Leasing help in Reeves county

My family has been approached about some mineral rights we own in the county. I need to get some help valuing the land. Anyone familiar with the area, please respond so we may talk further.

Reeves County has become quite active recently. There are a number of factors to consider. Is your property fee land or does the State have an interest in it? Do you own all the minerals under your property? Is all of your property in one tract or several tracts? How many acres are involved? If I can help let me know. I do a lot of work in that area for landowners and University Foundations.

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I have been approached with an offer to lease my mineral interest in NW Pecos County, a few miles from the Reeves County line. What, if any, activity is going on in this area of Pecos Co?

Thomas and Laura,

These counties in West Texas are both picking up tremendously. As Mr. Bruchez said there are a quite a few factors that go in to determining the value of these minerals to the E & P companies in this area.

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