Leasing/Drilling Question - Burke County ND

Just a general newbie question. I wish I knew more about all of this…

We leased our minerals through Lone Tree / Petro Hunt earlier this year. We were previously leased with Diamond Resources in 2013 and 2017. Yesterday I received a phone call from a gentleman representing Diamond Resources asking for permission to survey one of our parcels of property. He said they would be doing that in the next week and depending on various factors, would be approaching us with paperwork to drill in the near future. We gave our verbal permission for them to survey and then hung up. It didn’t dawn on me until afterwards that Diamond Resources no longer held our mineral lease. But they would know that, correct? So I guess my question is “What are they up to?” Thanks to anyone who can shed a little light on this matter.

Do you just have mineral rights or do you have mineral and surface rights? Did he say seismic survey or surface survey?

We have mineral and surface rights. He just said “survey”. I didn’t ask him for his phone number unfortunately, and it came up private. We actually had a surface survey already a few years back, right before the bottom fell out of the boom…

Just a guess, but it sounds like they are looking for a suitable surface location for a rig pad. If you have a flat enough area, then they may want to negotiate a surface use lease. You need to get a good attorney for that part as you want to protect yourself as much as possible.

Thank you so much! I definitely appreciate the feedback!