leasing directly to Oil Company

We have and offer from JBLS on behalf of Kraken Oil for Richland County MT in T24N-R59E-Section 2: Lot 4, and Section 11: NW4NW4 I am wondering, can I lease directly to Kraken and bypass the middle man?

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You can try, but many operators do not have their own land departments and contract out their leasing. JBLS may be doing the work for Kraken. That is implied in the “on behalf of”.

Thanks for your help, I contacted Kraken and they do employ a Landman and encouraged me to contact him by email. I emailed him about a week ago but haven’t heard back. I’m not sure what to do next. Do they like to play games to try and bring the price down?

Keep after booth of them and see what the best deal will be. The bonus is not really the issue. Getting a good lease with favorable clauses is the real issue. The draft they send you is likely all in their favor.

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