Leasing Contract Questions for Texas Mineral Rights

We own mineral rights in Montague County, TX and have been sent a leasing contract. This property is shared by two siblings. As a total newbee to this process, I am wondering many things. What is considered a good royality for a leasing contract? Bonus per acre? Where can I find a lawyer who understands these leases and knows what is a good lease in TX and what is a lease to run like hell from? We are told everyone around this property has signed. We are the last ones who haven't signed a lease because they couldn't find us. There is a oil pumping rig sitting across the street which has been idle for many years, and one a half block away. Can anyone give me some insight into these questions. Thank you.


You might want to post this under "County Groups"; click on "Groups" above, scroll to Texas, scroll to Montague County. These are individuals who have interests in the Montague County area.

ok I just did that - thank you!