Leasing companys

Can someone give me the name and phone #'s Oil Companys Leasing in Loving County, our lease is up in July and the Company that has it leased no longer wants it.

Thanks Deb

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Hi Deborah,

We recently closed a deal with a company in Loving County & the process was quick - they were pretty easy to work with. I don’t regularly visit this site & am not sure of how it all works/rules/etc., but I’m trying to familiarize myself more with it! I can give you the contact information of the company we worked with if you’d like! Feel free to shoot me a message!

Matador Land out of Midland may be a good group to reach out to. They do a lot of title work for the big guys.

Welcome to the forum. Helpful general comments by pros are welcome. However, please read the rules that you agreed to when you joined. Direct solicitation is not allowed on the forum. Please remove this post.

Good Morning! In regards to your recent post concerning the posting rules - I had initially responded to this original question with a company name/contact info/ etc.; before posting, I double-checked the rules about what can and can’t be posted. To be on the safe side, I rewrote my response before posting. In this particular situation, when someone is specifically asking for contact information of a company/companies, is it within the rules to provide such information and not be considered “soliciting”? My original post had an email address included, but I removed it after going over the rules/posting guidelines just in case. Thanks in advance!

In general, my understanding is that if you are recommending a company that you have used personally as a mineral owner and had a good experience with, then you can post. If you are an employee of a company or affiliated in any way, then you cannot post to buy, lease, etc. as that is soliciting for your direct benefit. Folks are discouraged from offering their tracts for sale at this time as they may get offers from forum members that might be masquerading as mineral owners. There may be a sales are in the future.

Companies that would like to do business may post in the Directory and pay a fee for doing so.

Professionals in the business may list themselves in the Business section, but should only give general professional advice and not solicit.

Contact the site administrator if you have further questions. They wrote the rules and would have the final say-so.

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can you provide a description of your lands?