Leasing and selling in McClain County

Hello everyone! Anyone know of pricing for leasing and selling of mineral rights in McClain County Oklahoma, 8-6N-3W? I have about 3 acres and I am checking to make sure that I am getting a fair deal. I was given an offer but don’t know how much oil is in the area that would make me sell the mineral rights to. Is it worth hanging on to or selling and what is the going rate currently? Please any help is greatly appreciated.

Hang on

Does that mean to hang on to them? Or hang on you are looking something up? And if your saying hang in to the rights, does that mean that there is a big well under the land? Or something like that? Thank you for answering back. It seems to take people a long time to get back.

It means, if you know how to run title, a hot spot. Don't get in a hurry to do anything.

Thank you Ted. I am new to this. I don’t know what it means to run title. Could you explain that a little please?

I just signed a lease in McClain 14-9N-4W for $2,500 per acre. A couple of months ago I was offered a lease for $850 per acre.

leases are going for $3,000+ in 9n-4w in northern half and a little above that in southern half.