Leasing and lease rates in McKenzie County ND

I am just wondering if anyone knows what the going rate for mineral right leases in the McKenzie County area is now. Our lease is coming up and we know the prices have changed from 3years ago. We have 1 yr left but they will start negotiating our lease soon. We are T152N-R103W Sec 24. The have already gotten permission to pool our section with the section above us (13). We own 80 net acres and are wondering:

1. Latest Lease rates in the area

2. What is the process after permission to pool the 2 sections

3. And activity in the area if anyone knows

We are living in Las Vegas and my mother has owned these rights for over 30 yrs now and I am now trying to learn the ropes so I can take over the all the negotiations this time around.

Thanks in Advance for your suggestions, knowledge, and help


I leased recently for $800 an acre, 3 yrs and 3/16ths royalty. That was in May of this year. If they are pooling your land that means that they have production and should be sending you a division order which tells you who "they" are and your decimal interest. I am saying this because if there is production then you won't be releasing but will have your interests "help by production" or HBP. I am fairly new at this, about a year and a half, so please check the facts with others. Hope this helps.