Leasing activity in Panola County - Elijah Williams survey A-707

Does anyone know anything about activity in this area? My family has mineral interests in this area that have previously not been producing, and a company has offered to lease or buy our interests. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about the value of mineral rights in this area.

who is the company and what are they offering?

Martin Producing LLC. The current offer is 1/4 royalty with $250/acre lease or $1500/acre to sell.

the following link will take you to the RRC GIS viewer. select Panola County then on the magnifying glass put in 707 for abstract and you can see what is going on around you.

I suspect that $250 bonus is mighty light and I would not even consider $1500 for a sale…




Next door to the North in A-400 is a gas well(API 365-37422) that was drilled and completed in 2009 producing from the Haynesville Shale and after 9 years is still doing fairly well.

Link to production data on well 37422.....to view all production on this well manipulate the begin production date back to August 2009:


Devon Energy seems to be the major producer in this area but I see where Rockcliff Energy has some fairly new approved locations in the area. Other producers/operators in the area are Brammer Engineering and Mondo Operating Co.

GIS Map of Panola County A-707 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

Thank you for the replies. Can either of you give me an idea of a reasonable lease bonus for these interests?


I can't say about the bonus amount in Panola County but I know that some of the leases in Cherokee County are going for $250 per acre and 22 1/2%.

Clint Liles