Leasing Activity in Milam County, Texas?

Does anyone have any current information on leasing activity in Milam county?

I've got 265 acres with the lease expiring in December unless the two year extension gets picked up by the current lessor. I'm wondering what the current prices per acre might be if the lease doesn't get extended.

Maps show I am in the Eagleford Shale formation, and I do have 62 acres across the road from the 265 that are in production from a well that was drilled about 15 years ago.

Any information appreciated.

Your best bet is to start a discussion in the Milam County Group.

As of today, there are 8 other members who might be able to help you. The link above will take you there or you can see all of the county groups by clicking the "Groups" tab above. It might be helpful to join the groups for your neighboring counties to see if there is any activity there.

Best of luck,