Leasing activity in McClain County T7N R2W

I am interested in drilling and producing wells if any and leasing activity in T7NR2W

A few wells drilled om 2014 and 2015. The only new production is in 6-7N-2W in June of 2016. A stunning 15 bbls oil and 20 mcf gas. Not sure how long that one will last. Most of the new leasing is in section 4 by Okland.

Do you have a specific S-T-R?

T 7 N R2W Sec. 35 and 36

Last leases in 35 & 36 were in 2015. Newcastle energy in November, one each at 1/4th. Capstone in 36 in May (3/16ths).

Charter Oak has some court docket activity in 31 in 2015 and 33 in 2016, so that is good. Pooling and horizontal wells. 3 pooling was $150 3/16ths

Thank you for your response!

Is there a way to find out the bonus price paid for the Newcastle and Capstone leases?

It is not posted in public.

Pooling files are the only public posting. I heard of offers for $450 3/16 and $350 1/5th in sec 32 in 2015.