Leasing activity in 6 South 8 West

El Paso is interested in leasing a portion of my property in Section 15. Anybody else on here have property in this area?

My elderly dad has property in Beauregard Parish. There is supposedly somehing happening but he cannot give me any details. We plan to drive over and inspect the property soon --who knows what we will find. My dad received a check earlier this year for over $ 6,000 but I have no idea if it was for timber or oil

I am new to this blog and very inexperienced with drilling leases.

How do I find the section number for his property?

How can I find out details about the property activity?

I also have property in Beauregard Parish. My 80 acres is in S10 Township 6S. It was leased to El Paso but for some reason, they let the lease expire without renewing. Has anyone else had that happening to them.