Leasing activity in 4S 1W

Has anyone leased recently in 4S-1W? What terms are being offered? Who is handling leasing for Continental in 4S-1W? We have expired leases in 23-4S-1W.

Thank you for any information you might share.

R.D. Williams was handling leases for Continental in 23 in 2014.

Looks like Avalon Oil and Gas III and Citation Oil & Gas are the only active operators at the moment.

Avalon pooled in 18 this year for $500 3/16th or $0 and 1/4

I saw a newspaper notice for Indian Land leasing in March 2015: Continental Resources, Section 5, 4S 1W, $502/ac. pd up, 3/16ths.

what section?


I am currently enrolled in the University of COlorado's Global Energy Management Program, my group has been assigned to develop, permit, and etc a vertical well in Carter County, OK. My task was to locate a standardized (no name, legals,etc) oil and gas lease, and a surface agreement. I am currently a midstream land agent and not familiar with the development sector. Any advice or information is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. Please contact me at mikegallo2014@gmail.com