Leasing activity/drlling

Any knowledge of companies putting prospects on hold? How do the pros on here think SE Okla will be effected?

Quite a few across the state - but most activity is not in SE OK right now. I look at the OCC signing agenda each day to see if anything is happening where I have minerals. The agenda for tomorrow, January 30, has about 37 of 79 or 80 items which are motions to dismiss. Looks like a variety - Spacing, Pooling, Location Exception, Increased Density and several different companies. The daily agenda stays up until after 8:00 each morning. Only one for tomorrow is in Hughes Co., and it is Motion to Dismiss a Pooling application.

I don't recall seeing any motions to dismiss from Petroquest or Silver Creek in quite a while. Stephanie, I'll be interested to see what others have to say.

Wesley,.......hmm..........just leased with Petroquest, so I am interested in any and all discussion related to 'pooling,' in S21 7N 10E. I am relatively new to the forum, Hughes County Group. Please enlighten me what the OCC signing agenda is. And tell me the significance of "Motion to Dismiss a Pooling Application." Is that good or bad? Thank you, Leta

Wesley Skinner. Great source to check. Are you in the industry?Thanks.

Leta, dismissal means company no longer has interest in drilling section.