Anyone have any idea what leases are in the 15-6N-2W area??

Thanks can probably go into the McClain County Records on line and type in that section, township and range and find out the ones that have leased in the last several years.

Thank you Linda.


Dear Mr Jones,

Capstone Land is still leasing in this section. They seem to be working for Charter Oak Production in this township (6N-2W). Charter Oak has an application to pool this section but I don't see your name on the filing. Send me a friend request if you want to discuss what may need to be done. I would expect a pooling bonus of $150 (possibly $200) @ 3/16 in this township.

Thank you Mr. Weeks,

Unfortunately this has to go through probate. The name should be Rachel Turnbull, my Grandmother.

Thanks again.

Dear Mr Jones,

If you have not done so, then you should contact Mr Greg Sellmyer at Charter Oak. You can reach him at 405-■■■■■■■■. Tell him that your interest is from respondent #62 on his pooling application. Your grandmother is currently listed as a deceased person with an unknown address. If a pooling is approved, then you need to be in a position to pick the option that you want instead of being assigned the default option (usually the lowest royalty). Good luck.

Andy I own rights in this same area. Rachel was my deceased wife’s aunt. I would be happy to exchange information with you. You can contact me directly at