We have been approached by several companies in the past month. Should the current royalty offering be 3/16 or 1/5?

Where are u in Caddo Co.


You have a trade-off between more bonus at 3/16 and less bonus at 1/5. What bonus amount is offered at 3/16 and what is offered at 1/5?

Thank you so much. Please, do you know the price range per acre folks are getting near my land?

No, I don't know of any recent transactions. This area has not been active recently. Stephens Land Services leased some land in 17-10N-11W at the end of last year.

Thank you Stephen

3/16ths is more common in that area. You should ask for 1/5th and see what the answer is.

I'd probably ask for 1/4 then try to negotiate 20% or 22%. More important to whatever you negotiate is to be sure it's free of costs.