Have recently received inquiry about my rights in section 13-19-21. I believe it is Thompson #1-13. As I live out of the area does anyone have any information regarding activity for this well and the area. Appreciate any info. Thanks

We have recently leased but in a different area of the county.

Anyone ever help you Scott?

Matthew - - -

Still looking for information in Ellis County at Section 13 T19N R21W. Have received copy by Questa Energy requesting relief for well density in this area. Existing well is the Thompson #1-13.

Also need info on activity in Dewey Co at Section 32 T19N R19W. Have received offer to lease and have no idea of activity in area or values.

Highest lease I've seen in Dewey County is 750 an acre and 3/16th.

Ellis County, I really don't know much about and would need some time.

We saw $1150 and 3/16 for 3 years and $850 for 1/5 and 2 years in a different part of Ellis county.