Leases in Section 154, Blk 29

I had a lease that ran out in sec. 154, Blk 29. It was for 3 years. I was called by an O/G company wanting to lease it. I retured their call and no one has called me back. I do not receive any payment from this sec. I do receive from sec. 152. Does anyone else have a lease on this area? ( E/2 and the E/2 SW/4) Thank you for any information.

Carol, I know an operator that may be interested in leasing your property. If you would like to email me your contact information and net acreage owned I would be happy to forward it on to them. My email is

Does anyone know anything about this location?

It's not in a very desirable area. When things pick up again you might be in business.

Thank you for your reply Jordan.

Hi, Carol -- If you would email me your net acreage as well as your contact information, I may be interested in leasing your acreage. My email address is