Leases In Eastern Fayette & Lavaca Counties


Most likely they purchased the surface so they wouldn't have to pay a per barrel disposal fee.


There's actually a specific area definition for quadrangle: 'the area shown on one of the standard topographic map sheets published by the U.S. Geological Survey: approximately 17 miles (27 km) north to south and from 11 to 15 miles (17 to 24 km) east to west.' That comes from here:

I went back and looked at all the plats of GeoSouthern wells and that term first showed up on the Herbrich 1H, filed 041717. It's been on every plat since then except for two, the Schlabach and Keilers wells, which are up around Fayetteville.

Then suddenly the Swiss Alp SWD is in the Swiss Alp Quadrangle.

Meaningless probably, without knowing their definition of a quadrangle.


WI, the Swiss Alp and Ammannsville Quadrangles are how those areas are identified on USGS Topo maps. Not sure why Geosouthern's surveyors always reference them on their plats.

If I did it right below should be a link where you can download any of those Quad maps.

I'm guessing your place would be in the Schulenburg Quad, that is right below the Swiss Alp Quad. If not it's in Weimar that joins the Schulenburg Quad on the east. The most recent topo for Schulenburg Quad was made in 2016 but you can look at them going back to 1919. If you like maps you should have some fun.


As a matter of fact, I do like maps. You learn something new every day. Thanks for posting the link. I guess that was really nothing profound after all.


Has anyone heard of what kind of lease bonuses are being paid in the area along the Fayette/Colorado line in the Weimar to Ellinger area? I have an elderly relative that has some acreage in this area and I am trying to get a feel for prices being paid in this area.


Can anyone tell me how EOG is able to get such great results compare to other drilling companies in the same area. If you are a land owner and leased with EOG chances are you will get a higher return than most.


They are definitely among the elite operators. There are a lot of variables when drilling and completing a well and they have proven to be able to limit the risk with a good people. Their science is clearly top notch, as well.

As for leasing and getting drilled by them, I put them in a category where if they get to your property and drill a good well, you're in luck because they will drill it up. But they also have a ton of assets and are going to drill the best acreage they have, so they may never get to your property to potentially "test" a formation. Versus a small company that is only going to lease what they plan to drill.


I would add that much of it is dependent upon choke size. It's just like it sounds; a highly technical pipe plug with a hole in it designated in 64ths of an inch. I'm not a reservoir engineer (but I've played one on TV) but depending on investor presentations, stock prices, and so on it may look better to run them at wide open throttle.

Somewhere I had a document showing various EF wells with their choke sizes. As I recall, Burlington was the most conservative with the smallest choke sizes around 12/64. EOG was on the other end of the scale... not that there's anything wrong with that.


I was once told that the completion work on the Crabb Ranch Well included a decision to choke it down a bit to preserve the life of it's pressure and extend /maximize it's production ... as it turned out , the Crabb was not an extremely high volume well but was one of the best Eagle Ford wells in terms of a flatter decline than most with decent production for several years .. not 90% declined in first 10 months . Surely by accident , and quite possibly the only good decision on a well that Za Za ever made in this area.. Well..That and selling out ..


Thanks for all your info


Looks like a new permit has been submitted by Matrix Petroleum (never heard of them), North of Schulenburg, just West of Hwy 77. Chalk horizontal.


As I recall, this well was originally permitted by BEUSA. I don’t know whether or not this new permit changes anything other than the operator. You can get there by going north on Falke-Heinrich from FM 956.


Looks like you are correct. Originally filed last year. They must be changing something other than the operator, otherwise they wouldn't need a new permit (permits last 2 years). Either way, should be a good sign of additional activity.


I'd like to mention a new 'directional' well of 9500' on a unit of 187 acres.

It's 3.1 miles SW of Weimar and the Operator is Magnum Producing LP. Seems like this was discussed way back when, but is that somehow related to Magnum Hunter?


Magnum Hunter went belly up I think around 2015. The company reorganized as Blue Ridge Mountain. If you look at the W-1, the operator is Magnum Producing and their office is in Corpus


I don't believe the two Magnum entities are related. The well is "directional" only in the sense that the bottom hole location was a little too close to some structures so they move the surface over a couple of hundred feet. it otherwise would be what's generally called a vertical chalk well. The interesting play in the area will be whether Riviera finds someone to JV the deeper horizontal play they just leased up here.



Magnum out of Corpus is a very well respected operator and is run by a good group of people. I was born and raised in Corpus and they have been around quite a while.


That new Magnum permit south of Weimer was for 9500'. They called it a Wildcat but their target must be the Wilcox, right?

Looks like there was a little Wilcox production near there in the 80's that was at about 9100' and the completions on the nearest deeper wells called the top of the Austin Chalk 14500' and the Edwards 14900', but never did much good.


So WTI has been creeping up for the past couple of months but nothing has been happening some more in our area of interest. Now the latest news is about Iran. Keeping politics to a minimum, this almost has to bring about some activity, doesn't it? As I look now, WTI is at $70.59.

Does anyone still read this thing? (Waste of time, right?) Any ideas as to where we might be headed as mineral owners?