Leasehold lost long ago in condemnation

Without getting too specific, I just found that my grandfather had a leasehold for some mineral rights, probably acquired in the late 1920s. 5 years after he died, during the WWII, the Federal Government took the land to create what became the Webb Air Force Base, after publishing notices in the Big Spring newspaper… which I’m fairly certain his widow did not see since she lived in Oklahoma, and their sons were both in military service far away.

Any chance that the mineral rights still belong to the family?


No. But if they are under Webb, they are not going to be developed so don’t fret. You might check though, not likely they took the mineral rights and the surface rights unless unsevered. May be a case here to sever and retain. Ask a lawyer.

You need to check the county records to see what was conveyed in the condemnation.