Leased land with stipulation

Im currently under lease but lease stipulates that upon transfer to any new owner

that i must be notified.and be in acceptance of term.I got notification from oil company,

I replied to company via email,saying i was not willing to let lease transfer without specific terms.

As i was checking recorders office.(online great service)

Found out aprox 2 weeks later they transfered my lease.

If thats not enough there has been many transfers prior in the year 2010

One mistake i made was sending email to wrong address

no one contacted me because of the email not being sent to right address

I forwarded the original email and a new email letting them know they are in breach.

The letter indicated only to sign release and told me nothing about what to do if i do not accept terms.

warning to all possible landowners of leased land

read your leases. They are not that difficult ,if they are older leases.

Also minerals under your land stay under your land unless you give them up

they are a valuable commodity, Look at the company thats buying them and make sure they are not invested heavely by chinese interest.


so what does the forum think about this senerio ?what advice do you have?

Oh and always check the email adress before sending.

The best to all