I'm getting solicited by Continental for a couple leases. They've offered $2000/acre and 3/16 for a 3-year lease. They've also offered $1500 with 1/5 or $250 with 1/4. Do those seem reasonable?

The properties are in Stephens County S3-T1N-R4W and S1-T1N-R4W

Gordon, I, don't have any holdings in your area so I, for one do not know. However, I, would want to talk with a neighbor and see what they were being offered. On the other hand, someone here in this forum who knows a real time fair price will let you know.

Hope this helps.

John Morgan

Gordon, those look like pretty good numbers especially the $ 250-1/4. I would post this question on the Stephens County forum for further comment.

This was my first post, so I think I posted to the wrong forum. I meant to put it in the Stephens County. Thanks for the replies.

Eileen, I didn't see a response on S1

Eileen said:

Did you get my reply about S1?

Gordon, go to the Stephens forum but instead of starting a new discussion just enter into the general discussions which are below where the "start a new discussion" is.

Gordon, it is called "Comment Wall" and is right below where it says "add a discussion". Type your message in the blank space and click "add comment".

Please feel free to give me a call (405) 388-1715 or email me at I would like to talk to you about your minerals & about making you a better lease offer than those you’ve currently received.