Lease with Griffith then assigned to Riley Huff

Just wondering if anyone as heard from Riley Huff with regards to their leases that were originally with Griffith Land Services, Inc. then assigned to Riley-Huff Energy Group... this lease was not listed in the court documents that are on file - lease expires April 27, 2013. Anyone heard anything from Riley-Huff??

Thank you

After looking at the legal issues surrounding RIley Huff Energy Group, one has to wonder if all leases will be allowed to expire.

I thought maybe another company would come in and purchase those untouched leases... wishful thinking I guess???

Send me a friend request, and I can tell you about the status of the lawsuit. Not sure what the plans are for drilling or extending their leases.

It appears to be a purchase of the lease, however it is vague on what I can see. I am a purchaser of mineral rights and I specialize in purchase of small acreage positions. I am actively searching for additional property in Karnes County, and if you are interested, I will research it further for you at no charge, just want to make you an offer for a portion of your mineral interest. Reply if you have any interest. I subscribe to DrillingInfo and several other sources where I can find the nature of the transaction.