Lease vs Force Pool

I would like to know if it is better to lease mineral rights or be force pooled if the bonus and royalty percentage is the same for both.

Mr. Barnes, it depends if you negotiated any protections in the lease. If the lease is just whatever they felt like sending, I would make an election in the pooling.

I am not familiar with very much but I do know that we signed a lease and I knew they were pooling it. Well about a month later I was sent a copy of the order during the pooling hearing. They doubled the bonus that I had received for the same 1/4 percentage. Of course I lost out. Lesson learned, next time I would always go to a pool because the money for bonus seems to get better, of course the landman said that is not always the case....don't know though.

Thank you.


More learned folks than I may chime in, but I believe if you are doing the leasing, you would have control over what & how the minerals are explored and recovered, i.e. if your minerals encompass different plays at different depths, you could craft the lease to include only what you want recovered instead of "to the center of the earth," and whether or not you contribute to the expense of exploration, recovery, storage, transportation, refining, taxation etc. etc.