Lease vs Division Order?


I'm like so many on this site, confused!!! My family signed a "Lease" with Continental Resources for 1.96 acers in Williston CO, ND. It so happens a well has been producing since 10/08 on 1 of our acres. We still have not received a check. We just found out the they bulked togehter 1220 acres (ND law?) but never notified us. We were sent a division order that we signed for a very small percetage (appx 0.0113). Continental Resources sold the lease to Conoco Phillips. What happens to the lease we signed for 1/6 of 1.96 acres vs the small % on the division order? We cannot get anyone to give us information, do we need an attorney, or would it be a waste of time and money? Thank you


First of all , Willams County , Williston is the County Seat. Apparently you leased this, some time ago , you do not say any dates , so tough to tell

I agree with the above , I am now a retiree , but I was an employee once , give them a break at the oil companies , whether you love hate or neither do not make a big deal out of miniscule money ! I know it is yours but it will come to you eventually.