Lease Up, land available

My brother and I have land available to be leased. Anyone have contact for companies looking to lease in Caddo county? Thank you!

Township and Range would be helpful as the geology changes over the county and different companies lease for different reasons.

Based on recent forum discussion: Fusion Oil, Edge Energy, Continental, Swanson, Blue Ribbon.

We are in township 8 and Range 11

thank you

My brother and I also have land, and we've been approached over the past few months by landsmen working for Blue Ribbon (aka Bistro) , Turner Oil and Gas (working for Continental) and most recently Riley Exploration. Try contacting those companies. We're in a different area----sec 14 10N 9W--Steve Hunt's reply corroborates the probability that Blue Ribbon and Continental might be good places to start.

Be very careful with your clauses. Do not accept post production charges and do not accept any two year extensions. You will have to negotiate the lease clauses because the ones I have seen so far are not in the mineral owner's favor.