Lease Terms in Roosevelt County

I am from Midland, TX where Bonus etc is pretty high for a lease, I just got a lease offer in Roosevelt County, NM and was wondering what the average is for Bonus, term and royalty amount? My current offer would be a joke in Midland County!

The bonus amounts will vary across a county due to geology. Give your abstract number so it will narrow down to your area.

Township 8 South, Range 34, NMPM Section 14: E/2NW/4, SW/4NW/4 is what is on the letter? Thank you so much for any information!

I moved your request to Roosevelt Co. NM. Hopefully, someone there will have info.

We have only gotten very low offers if any for years for: TW7 Sec 3 Range 35 E and TW7 Sec 29 Range 35 E

Township 3 South, Range 32 East, NMPM Section 12: ALL 640 Gross Acres/ 80.00 net acres Rosevelt County, NM

When I was asked back in June of 2012 to lease for $50 an acre and 1/16 of the hole, I didn’t understand when he said were a different animal than West Texas, never came to pass. Who knows with new interests, might get on the band wagon before NMex goes Green, which just got voted in.

Dear Mr Deeds, The Land man that contacted me from Roosevelt County NM also said that this was different, even though they got the same at the well head as West Texas did. They offered me for 80 Acres, $50 per acre bonus and 1/16 of the hole. I said, sorry, when you get to $500 an acre and 25% of the hole then i will sign. I don’t know while they think their wildcatters are different than Texan Wildcatters. Maybe he needed to give the Governor a cut he didn’t tell me about. Even without me, that deal never made. Sincerely, Chris Wilson