Lease Renewal

My lease is up for renewal and I was wondering if anyone knew if there is any activity or future activity in block 4, section 57. I have not been able to locate the land on a map showing oil and gas activity. Thanks in advance for any information anyone can share.


I see where some Horizontal gas wells have been drilled to the west of your Section 57. Well API 389-33240 and also well API 389-33273 both in Section 60. Debbie you're in a fantastic area for future development.

Link to completion report on well API 389-33240:

Link to drilling permit for well API 389-33273. No completion report found:

Link to completion report on well 389-33147 to the west of you in Section 51:

GIS Map of Reeves County Section 57/Block 4 and surrounding area:

Clint Liles