Lease Ratification Information


You commented earlier asking about Executive Rights on the Lease's. I am not entirely certain about this because my family trust documentation was stolen back in 2008. Most of the lease information and documentation was included in the records, and while I have recooped some of the leasing information for producing interests we own I haven't tackled Winkler County yet.

Do you have any advice as to how I could determine whether or not I own Executive Rights? Would it be easiest just to contact the Landmen who sent out the Ratifications?


Possibly you could "Tom Sawyer" them into it? Claim (rightly) that you don't know if you have the right so you are not going to sign and let them prove it to you so they can get your signature.

Unless the landmen made some mistake researching the mineral ownership (including executive rights), which certainly is possible, the very fact that you received a Ratification to sign tells me that you do not have the executive rights, you own either a Non-Executive Mineral Interest (NEMI) or, more likely, a Non-Participating Royalty Interest (NPRI). Having said that, BEFORE signing the Ratification you should investigate whether or not the well will be drilled (or was drilled) on the tract of land on which you own the mineral or royalty interest. If it was drilled on "your" tract and you own a royalty interest, it might very well behoove you NOT to sign the Ratification.