Lease rates in Sweetwater, TX - Nolan County

Is $50/ac bonus and a 3/16ths royalty a fair deal for a lease in Sweetwater, Nolan County, Texas on a 3 year lease?

Appreciate any insights and help.

Thank you

I would ask the landman what the drilling target is. I'm not real familiar with Nolan County, but it sounds like you have gotten the base offer.

If there is really something there and this is not true wildcatting, you should be able to do a little better on the bonus and possibly you could get the royalty to 20%.

If they are really risking it to go after something that isn't proven, you'll want to focus in on the terms and clauses of the lease. If you are a surface owner, the clauses in the lease get even more important.

Seems low considering offers being made in western Scurry County.