Lease rates Block 33

Can anyone let me know what current lease rates are for Howard County Block 33, T1S (T&P RR Co Survey, A-362)? Has anyone leased anything nearby?


I just got $2000 per, 1/4, 3yrs, on my form from Continental for my acreage in this section. That was up from $1500, 1/4, 3yrs/2ext. Depending on your NMA, you might be able to get $2250--$2500. My interest was tiny, so I didn't have much in the way of leverage.


I've been dealing with a company that has been very helpful and has done everything they said they'd do. They offered me $4000/per nma. We signed with them 30 days ago and they paid on us on time. I know they are leasing throughout the area. This is my first post. I'm unsure if I'm allowed to give out any names or information in regards? If you'd like the company name and contact information please email me.

my wife was just offered $2,000/nma. It seems low based on what I'm reading, but she only has 2.5 NMA to lease too. It also looks as there are wells already producing. How could there be producing wells if we are just now being contacted for a lease? Any advice?

Block 33, T1S, T&P RR Co. Survey, A-362
Section 9: NW/4
Howard County, Texas

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Do you mind telling me what company you are dealing with. I have Grenadier Energy Partners II, LLC contacting me.