Lease rates and activity in sheridan county montana

Could anyone tell me the lease rates in Sheridan County Montana. Section 34N 53E. Also, is there any current activity in the area? Thanks.


Looking at the GIS map, no current activity in T34N;R53E. Several plugged wells exists in the area. Little activity in T34N;52E. Most of the activity is to the South of your area in Sheridan County. If you have been contacted in regards to leasing, don't expect to get a high bonus amount but I would limit the term of the lease to 3 years and insist on 20% royalty. Currently, Sheridan County is being developed to the south of your area and no way to predict what will occur in the next couple of years. Marathon has a developement called the "Diomedes Prospect" south of you in Sheridan and to date, approximately 3 wells have been completed with several drilling permits on the table. Again, with no current production in your immediate area, don't expect a high bonus amount for your mineral acres. You might want to do some research as to any seismic shoots currently occurring in your immediate area.