Lease Questions for Land in Dawson County, Texas....Questions about Shales Too

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So I signed a lease for some land that I have some mineral interests on. Two parts of land, one totaling 291 acres and the other 15 acres. As stated this land is in Dawson County. The landsman I spoke with stated that the oil company was purposing to use horizontal drilling if they did indeed decide to drill.

I have been trying to pull up wells around that area with the GIS site (primarily permit requests and completion records). While I can pull up a few requests for horizontal drills, I do not know how check to see if those wells are producing. The earliest dated back to December of 2011 I believe. Is there a simple manner to go about this? From searching through the vertical wells, it appears that there is a huge difference in terms of productivity.

My second question deals with these shale "maps" that I see. Most websites have the wolfcamp and the cline shales drawn within the borders of the Permian basin. While Dawson County is within the Permian, both shales are outside county lines. Are these shale maps conclusively accurate or just an approximation?

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In the below map, Dawson County is two counties up from Midland

The maps are changing all the time. The Cline is known by many as the Wolfcamp D Bench, so one way to think of things is wherever the Wolfcamp formation is - is where the Cline probably is, too.

Has Shell bought the Chesapeake leases in Dawson Co???



This map does not show the extent of the Cline or Wolfcamp. Ralpr

Earnest said:

Here’s the story, “The Wolfcamp formation is the source rock across the expanse of the Permian Basin” - The End.



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That is good to hear. From every shale map I pulled up they looked very similar to the image posted. I thought that perhaps that would dampen the chances for a really good well.

As far as Shell is concerned, I would not be able to tell you anything about that. From what I have seen though there does seem to be growing interest in the Dawson county region.

Are there other shale maps out there that might be more current?

There is a video tutorial on the home page of this website that shows you how to check what you are asking about.

I’d also strongly recommend checking out Mr. Caldwell’s blog posts and posts on the Forum; he is a great resource.


Thanks Mr. Caldwell and Mr. Ralpr!