Lease Price in Angelina county

What is the typical price per acre for mineral rights lease in Angelina county

You would need to add your state and a legal description and whether you are talking about a lease price or a sale price. Your question is too broad at this point.

The state is Texas and I don’t have a legal description. The last deed was in 1941 and I have no access to that deed, as I live in California

The closest I have is a past of the B. Mitchell Survey A-435.


Have you been given an offer? What net acreage were you given, if so?

I was offered $400 per acre for my 1.7 acres for 3 years, with a 3/16 royalty.

500/ac, 20% was my initial offer from a company i suspect will sell the lease…so i expect higher…a friend was offered 1/3 royalty, i didnt know such exist