Lease or Sell Mineral Rights

Currently, we have ~325 net acres (Campbell County) that are being leased to Mallard Creek Oil (TX).

The 5 yr paid up lease expires in September 2018.

I have called MCO once a year to see if any drilling has been done. Nada. No permits have been pulled either.

We were paid close to $200k for the paid up lease with an 18.75% royalty.

Ultimately, what factors should be considered when our lease expires…she we seek another lease or search for a buyer?

Thanks for any feedback.



It all depends on what area of the county your minerals are located in as well as your reason for considering selling. What is the Section/Township/Range of these minerals?


Please re-read my original post. I have included property information plus two (2) questions.

If you can answer those questions, that would be very helpful moving forward.

About 6 miles to the south of you, are some new HZ well permits.

thanks Steve

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