Lease or Sale Offer for Mineral Rights in Howard County Texas

My 4 siblings and I inherited 1/2 acre mineral rights (1/10 acre each): NE/4 of Sec. 9, Blk 32, T1S, Howard County, Texas. We discovered this about three years ago when someone approached my brother doing a title search. After a few conversations we never heard from them again. Last week we have been approached by someone else, initially offering $2500 each to buy, or $250 plus 20% royalties each to lease, which is why I joined this forum. The purchase offer was then rescinded, but not the lease, because “the interest is located on a geologic anomaly known as a ‘shelf’ which presents considerably more risk than we could justify at a purchase price of $25,000/acre”. After asking if that was their best offer, they have now brought back a purchase offer at $1000 each, or lease for $300 plus 20% on a 2-yr primary term. Does anyone know if this is a fair deal? Thanks.