Lease or Sale of 16 acres in Caddo County

I have heirship mineral rights to 16 acres in Caddo County: Sec 01-7N-11W. It has periodically been leased over the past couple decades but not currently. I am not aware that gas/oil has ever been extracted. There are four questions I am looking for answers to. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  1. Is there any activity in this area? Where is the closest activity to this area?
  2. What companies might be interested in us (deed owner and me (heir)) signing a new 3 year lease.
  3. How do I get an estimate of the value of the deed should we be interested in selling the deed?

Hi Ron, it looks like there have not been any wells in 1-7N-11W. There was a well in the adjacent section to the north, 36-8N-11W. That well was started in 2018 and plugged in April 2021.

Thanks PeteR. I am trying to assess the value and opportunities (lease, sale) of my mineral rights, but don’t know where to start. Where / how would I find records associated with that section 36 well from 2018? Cheers

Here are a couple of links that might help. They both link into the same OCC documents database. You might check the Directories tab on this forum for people who are more familiar with buying/selling mineral properties.

Thanks again!! The first link was very interesting. Having the ability to see activity in the surrounding area. Being a little challenged by the second link.

Hi Ron, yes the OCC map takes some getting used to, but it does provide some good information if you dig around long enough. Attached a map of the area below… you can see the plugged wells to the north of your section.

Not much else in the immediate area.

Thank you PeteR. Does the one black dot represent an active well?

Hi Ron, no the black dot is the bottom hole location for the now plugged horizontal well in the section to the north.