"Lease or Assign..." McClain County, Section 20-5N-4W: is this typical?

Today I received a proposal to drill a "horizontal test well" in the Hunton formation.

The offer requests my selection of four options:

1. Participate in the drilling

2. Lease or assign all your unit interest to __, accepting a bonus consideration of 3k per acre and a 1/8th royalty, delivering an 87.50% new revenue interest or one thousand dollars for your Hunton rights

3&4 are the same language, with 2k bonus, 3/16ths royalty, 81.25% and $667 and 1k bonus, 1/5th, 80.00%, and $334, respectively.

Have other received this offer?

Is this language and offer typical? I don't remember seeing this type of language in other offers.

Typical language. I usually write them a nice note back that I will not participate in the well and what will be their final offer at pooling? When is pooling?

I never send back that letter. Too restricting. Do not "assign...." that is for a farm out and not for a regular mineral owner. Then you go hunt and see if you can get a better deal.

I was hoping you'd chime in :). As for pooling: "--- anticipates filing an application to force pool this section.... in the near future." I guess that is "pending".

Thanks again for confirming my proposed action!