Lease options

We have mineral interest that we want to lease in gaines county. All of block 2, league 313 gaines county school lands survey. Let me know if there are interested parties or a better way to go about finding someone.

If your name and address and description of acreage are on file at the with the recorder of deeds in the county courthouse where the minerals are located with any title information, then the leasing agents will find you. Just because acreage is available, the leasing agents will only be interested in the acreage that the operators want to drill.

@Jerrdog Generally there is little you can do to drive the leasing process. Companies will lease where they have a specific interest. The landman will diligently research title records to locate nearly all the available mineral owners. The landman will also ask lessors for help in locating relatives. You can do is monitor your section and adjacent areas with a service like Drilling Info or accessing the county records. When you see nearby leasing you can contact the company. I’ve done this in the past and occasionally have been offered a lease as a result. HBLS, LLC, 600 Texas Street, Suite 203, Fort Worth, TX 76102 in 2019 leased multiple interests in Gaines County School Lands, Leage 313 (same as yours), with 3 years primary term and 2 year option. I’ve attached one of the leases. You could contact the land department at HBLS. lease Memo 4696241.pdf (2.4 MB)

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