Lease Option

I have just received paperwork for a 3 year lease with a two year option at 20% of royalty and $300.00 per mineral acre paid up bonus. It is on about 17 net acres in Montague County. I have also been dealing with some potential buyers of the rights. I was told that leasing would not hinder my sale. My question- Is 20% fair with a 300/acre bonus? Also, would signing a lease hinder any future sales?

My opinion, for what it's worth: don't sell. Lease if possible without an option, and try for $500 bonus. You might be able to get the royalty up to 25%, but I wouldn't push it too hard - had too much bad experience with relatively small interests in Reeves County. Otherwise, sounds interesting - but for heavens' sake, don't sell if you don't need the money really badly.

As to your question, I would assume that trying to sell a leased mineral interest (if you don't also own the surface) would be quite a job and the price, if you get any offers, would be lower than if the interest were not leased.