Lease offers

I just received a lease offer for McMullen County, Survey 80 and 54 from SV Energy.

Bonus offer is $650 per net mineral acre.

Has anybody heard of SV Energy? I guess their offices are located in Corpus Christi,TX.

Also, has anybody received a lease offer in that area?

Thank you,


We signed a lease 2 years ago with EOG Resources for $750 and acre. They have the option to lease another 3 years and will pay us the same amount again if they re-lease the property. It's also in McMullen County, TX. We have 10 acres and 1 acre in LaSalle Co. What section is your property in? Ours is in Section 49 Tract 54.



I came from Frio County and couldn't help but over hear ya'll talking about bonus money and so much for acre, well we probablyu should of held out a little longer but took the deal for $800 an acre right before the "Eagle Ford" hit hard. O h well, when it all goes away Ill have my 1977 Corvette to sale. Ya'll have a nice evening......

I have never heard of SV Energy, but that doesn't mean much. Maybe they are a flipper and just going to sell your lease to somebody bigger for more money. Do you know who has leased the minerals surrounding your property? Those are the people who will pay you more for it I bet.