Lease offers in the Crockett, Texas area

My mother was just contacted by a drilling group and made a low bonus offer on her 10 acres just west of Crockett, Texas. Anyone know of recent activity in this area?

The site has a lengthy discussion going by the District 3 Group. It's called "Example Completion: Houston County". I follow it because my family has interests just south of Lovelady.

This link might get you there faster.

Let me know what you think....It should be fun research!

Agree with Liz, Go Haynesville is the place to go for in depth information. Not so much for leasing though. Who was your mom contacted by. Seems like some of the major names there are Navidad, Western Chief, Burke, and I can't remember the others. But you can, if you know how go to the TRRC and check the map to see what be located by your moms property. My parents had land just east of Austonio.

Thanks, Liz, I'll try your link and let you know what I find.


I did try the TRRC, but couldn't find out how to look for the appropriate map. They want all kind of information that I don't know that I think they don't want you to use their web site. I will try again tomorrow that unbelievable website. I have some native american indian in my background, last in Lovelady. My mom was contacted by Western Chief Operating. Thanks


To find new leases/permits on TRRC you only need to fill out 3 things. It will tell you which Companys have filled leases but not amts. paid. Before I found out how it worked I tried to fill out everything. The only things you need to fill out are Houston County, and then go down to the bottom of page and fill out the dates. I go back a yr just for my personell knowledge like 01/01/2011-02/23/02. Have you checked out Go Haynesville shale. I have seen Western Chiefs name mentioned a few times. You dont have to join just to read the post. You only have to join the District 3 group to ask questions. I really like the site.

Thanks for the info N.A., I'm on my way to try TRRC again.

Thanks Mike. I went back to TRRC, filled in Houston and put in " from and too dates". The form said I had an incorrect date format. I had and used the correct format, to no avail. I telephone TRCC and the lady that answered the phone claimed ignorance of how to navigate and use their website. Gave me the number of a oil newspaper and suggested to call the editor. I the called John Pintera,s office and he was supposed to get back to me. This is a public agency and I should be able to access this information without this much trouble, Besides, my family still pay taxes in Texas. Something is being shielded or hidden!