Lease Offers in Hockley County, Tx


I'm familiar with Grady co & all the Woodford activity, but my minerals are immediately to the north in Canadian and Blaine counties.


Am interested in Hockley County, Texas, Labor 1, League 7, Wilbarger County School Land Survey A-146 and

Labor 21, League 6, Wilbarger County School Land Survey A-145. I have this leased but cannot get any infor-

mation on drilling possibilities or where the closest well is currently in progress.

Bob Myers


Any info on Plantation Operating Green Lantern well.


Hope you can get your info. Small world and we know one another. Danette and me were in the same class sometime last century. Best to you and family. Danny

Ledlie Powell said:

Any info on Plantation Operating Green Lantern well.


An example of addendum that includes depth restriction

The following terms and provisions are expressly made a part of and are included in the Oil, Gas and Mineral Lease to which this is attached, and in the event of any conflict between the provisions hereof and the printed terms and provisions, this Addendum is controlling:

the reference to “water from the land, except water from Lessor’s wells and tanks” is deleted.

At the end of the primary terms hereof, this lease shall terminate as to all premises not included in a proration unit for a producing well. As used herein, the proration unit for each well shall be forty (40) acres surrounding each producing well, to a depth of 100 feet above, and 100 feet below, the strata from which the well is producing, unless Lessee should undertake the actual drilling of an additional well every 180 days until the lease is fully developed.

The payment of “shut in” royalties shall not extend the lease for more than two years.

“Price” shall mean the net amount received by Lessee from sale to an unrelated purchaser.

“…any order, rule or regulation of governmental authority” shall not include any orders relating to, or arising from, any violation of or noncompliance by Lessee of any law, rule, or regulation.

“the right” to remove all property and fixtures placed by Lessee shall instead read “the express obligation.”

Robert Jackson said:

Thanks for the prompt reply JW.

Landman is offering 25% & $100/year, so may go ahead and pull the trigger. Claims it's a huge operator with deep pockets ready to spend. I need to research a bit and find production records on horizontal wells in the area. I looked last year and couldn't find any records but I saw the Terry activity but not production. Horizontal would seem like a natural for Hockley with so many tight shales in the area, IMO.

JW, noticed you had some Oklahoma also, not Grady County by chance?