Lease Offers Carter Co

Hello - receiving offers to lease in Carter, Sections 1 and 12 , 1S, 3W. Looks like Black Mesa coming in with a horizontal well. Question, why would the offer I initially got from Black Mesa be so much lower than what I received from an independent landman? Any thoughts are appreciated!

It is hard to say without more information. Was the landman leasing on behalf of Mesa or do you have two different parties interested in leasing your minerals? If they are different parties, there could be a lot of reasons. The independent landman may be trying to get the lease and “flip it” or sell it to Black Mesa or another company. The independent landman may want to get the lease so he/she can participate in the well being drilled. The independent landman may be leasing on behalf of a different operator that also wants to drill a well.

Watch out for the pooling order dates on those sections. You only have 20 days in which to reply if you are not leased. You can do either.

Yes I don’t believe they represent Mesa but you bring up a good point that they may want to participate. That is probably their play. Thanks for your help!

Ok thanks for the heads up. My dad used to say force pooling was not always the worst thing because you would get the best offer in terms of bonus. But that may not always be the best option in the long term. What are your thoughts?

If I cannot get a good lease, then I have no problem with pooling in certain situations. Watch this one because I checked the docket and see that it is recommended, but I do not see an order yet. I missed a pooling last year due to that type of mailing/not online glitch, so ended up with 1/8th instead of the 1/5th I was wanting to do.

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