Lease offer Stone Briar

I inherited mineral rights in Weld county some with producing wells and some not. In 2021 I signed a lease with Incline at 22%. We thought that was the last area not leased however we’ve been getting offers for the section next to that one that they say isn’t leased. Possibly going with Stone Briar Energy. Are we safe to think they did their homework and there isn’t an old lease on that section? Thank you.

It’s most likely that they’re correct, but always verify. What makes you think it was leased? In general, most leases require active production on the property (or the pool/unit the property is in) to maintain the lease beyond the primary term, so any property without a producing well that didn’t have a lease signed in the last ~5 years is likely open to be leased.

Nothing really specific made us think it’s leased, honestly we really just didn’t know. Thank you for your information!