Lease offer Sec 10,13,14 146N, 98W

Got an offer from Iron Oil Operating LLC out of Billings MT for $250/acre and 3/16ths in the above minerals. Anybody else had offers? Don’t know this company - wondering if anyone has dealt with them. There are wells in the area but not many. Are others seeing activity pick up? Thanks to all for sharing on this site.

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Don’t have much feedback to give you about your lease offer but I can give you a bit of insight on the company. Iron Oil Operating is a private equity back E&P. Most of their efforts so far have been focused in northern sections of 146N 101W, northeastern sections of 148N 102W & the sourthern sections 149N 101W. Earlier wells haven’t been the greatest but Iron Oil just drilled a solid well at the beginning of the last year that has produced 124,907 bbls year to date. Hope this helps!

Any info helps! Thanks very much! I’ll let everyone know how this works out. The did accept my Addendum A that came from members of this website. I took that as a good sign.